invNET is a SPIN / EEN action that aims to support companies and startups in projects, activities and visions with a strong economic and social impact, in the area of ​​Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.
invNET acquires the requests with a specific module, analyzes the needs and evaluates the ideas of the project, proposes solutions that integrate the EEN services and those of the stakeholders, providing assistance through technical, financial, network and commercial skills, according to the hub & speak model and the client-centered approach.
During SMM2019 there will be meetings with companies selected for:
– evaluate the analysis of the needs of the project or strategic development activities;
– identify the EEN services that can be useful for the development of the project idea;
– identify suitable financial partners for the project business model;
– identify active financial instruments that can facilitate the sustainability of investments, such as: equity partners, grants, funds, crowdfunding;
– signpost of stakeholders able to integrate EEN services.

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